Your Consultation

A consultation with a Medical herbalist is the best way to ensure you as an individual get the best out of herbal medications. After your consultation your herbalist will make you a bespoke mixture of 1-7 different herbal remedies specific for your health and treatment. The consultation process is in depth and may last over an hour. This allows the herbalist to get a true picture of your overall health, diet and lifestyle. Full consultations are advised for individuals with chronic ailments (chronic: lasting a year or more) and individuals with multi- factorial health issues and/or those taking various pharmaceutical drugs. You will usually be given enough herbal medication to last one month. You will then be asked to return for a follow up consultation after a month where your herbalist will assess your progress. This will enable you to inform your herbalist how the herbal medication has affected you. It will be here that you may be given a revision to your medication and further support where needed. We usually expect for every year you have been suffering from your particular ailment you would need one month of herbal treatment to fully facilitate healing. Some acute ailments may be treated over the counter such as cough, colds, etc. No consultation fee will be charged in these circumstances. Free 10-15 min private consultations can be arranged to asses the benefit to yourself of full treatment. These must be booked in advance.