Treatable Conditions

Ailments suited to Herbal treatment include

Digestive complaints

Of nervous origin. Dificulty passing bowel movement. Over active bowel motions. Dietry and allergy advice.

Nervous disorders: 

Stress related anxiety problems. Low mood for extended periods. Difficulty switching mind off. Disturbed sleep. 

Skin problems

Red itching skin conditions. Over active skin plaque disorders. Hormonal adolescent skin problems.

Hormonal Problems

Pre-menstrual irritability. Age related hormonal issues. Male and female low libido.


Organ cleansing regimes.

Breathing conditions

Persistent cough. Stress related breathing problems. Allergy associated breathing problems, chronic and acute.

Muscles and joints: 

Aches and strains.

Acute and chronic ailments

Children & Babies

Age related problems

Well being

Preventative Medicine