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Migraine Free after 30 years of suffering: FeverFew:
I have suffered with debilitating migraines for over 30 years, like many I have taken stronger and stronger pain killers throughout but still ended up feeling like my head was going to explode and with the usual being sick and suffering for up to 4 days after with that headache in the background.
2 months ago I happened to find Budd's in Albert Rd while looking for something to help my daughter with her acne. I mentioned about my migraine and was encouraged to try feverfew 10 drops 3 times a day with water.
Miraculous within a week my headaches had stopped, I had a couple of small headaches but didnt even need to take pain killers, now just over a month later I am Migraine free for the first time in over 30 years and I am so grateful for this and the advice I was given, I stopped taking feverfew after a month but found out today I need to take it for the equivelant of a month of each year I've suffered so, I've got a top up and will be taking this for a long time but no worries as I am very happy to be migraine free for the first time ever.
Thank you so much: 

(Andrew Ford)

As anyone who has watched the programme  “Grow Your Own Drugs” will have realised, you don’t have to rely on a visit to the Doctor’s Surgery, wait around to pick up yet more bugs, and then traipse along to the Pharmacy to get your prescription made up. You can actually do it in just one trip. You don’t even need to grow your own drugs; you have a qualified Herbalist and Apothecary in Wendy Budd. Wendy has a degree in Medical Herbalism, which includes tuition in conventional diagnosis, nutrition and possible herb/drug interactions. She also takes a more holistic view of the problem giving a balanced approach to the treatment of the disease. Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine known to Man, and even today, an estimated 80% of the world’s population relies on herbs as their first line of defence against disease, and an estimated 20% of modern drugs are actually derived from plants. Furthermore, you don’t get a long list of side–effects with herbal medicines as you can with modern drugs. At one time, because I have recurrent ear, nose and throat problems, I used to have to go to see the doctor, and usually get no help whatsoever. However, since discovering Wendy Budd, I now go to see her in the early stages, and get the problem nipped in the bud! (Pardon the puns!) She asks me for a list of my symptoms and makes up the appropriate herbal mixture for me. My symptoms may not always be the same, so each prescription varies according to the symptoms presenting, and always works. I can therefore unhesitatingly recommend Wendy Budd as a tried and tested professional practitioner in Herbal Medicine. 

(Mary Haden)


I love Wendy's herbal creams as I know they have been specially blended according to symptoms and promote healing of the body.  I love her face and eye creams for their smell, consistency and results.   Also, l feel a cream for a recent scar has helped significantly.  Wendy has inspired me to learn more about herbal medicine and I am certainly interested in any forthcoming events.  I would highly recommend Wendy Budd for her knowledge of herbal medicine, her professionalism and positive approach.

(Sara of Portsmouth)

Wendy, your magic worked! last week I quit my job. Today I've got a new one. All with the inner strength that your kind words and tonic. Thank you so much for giving me verve back into my life. The shield is bouncing all negative like water off a ducks.... you know where. Thank you again. 

(Mesha Banerjee of Southsea)

I first went to Wendy for a consultation as she had done wonders with  a friend who was having the most awful symptoms with the menopause. After taking Wendy's medicine for a fortnight, the symptoms disappeared. I have high cholesterol which I personally think is natural for me since I do all the right things, but my doctor would love to put me on statins. No chance, so I went to see Wendy and I have been taking a tonic ever since which controls the cholesterol and preserves my energy levels.

Then I had insect bites and she sent me a cream which stopped the itching and dried up the bites. Then she sent me a tonic for the throat as I am a singer and I use it before I sing and when my throat is sore. I have seen a big difference in that it stops the soreness progressing and the voice is maintained. I live in the North of England and I simply phone for more medicine and it comes in the post. This is the way I shall maintain my Health.

(Kate Forrest of Warrington)

I played a lot of sport, but my body is not naturally athletic, I've always had problems with my muscles and joints. I've not yet had a problem though that Wendy's Deep Green Cream did not cure or alleviate. What's more whenever a friend or relative has a similar complaint, I pass them the cream and the problem is solved. I don't believe in miracles, but this cream is forcing me to reconsider.

(Brian of Barnsley)