New campaign
for Statutory

Please help, if you agree with this please support us by following the link to obtain a draft letter you can customise and send to your MP. After all a promise is a promise even when politicians make it 

Dear all

Over the past few months, despite repeated approaches by Michael McIntyre of EHTPA and other influential herbal supporters, the government has been worryingly unresponsive about the timing of the follow through of its promise to implement SR for Herbal Practitioners.

Having consulted with our colleagues in the EHTPA we have all decided that we need to have another big concerted push to remind the government of their promise.

To do this we need to go to our patients, our friends and families and ask them all to help us. We need them to write letters to their MP’s  and to ask their neighbours to do one as well.

We know that we have the support, we know that we can make a political noise, and we need to do this for our patients and for our future practices .

Draft letters are available for you to send to your MP and for you to give to you patients to send.  A leaflet is also available to explain the campaign to your patients.

Desiree Shelley
President of NIMH


Letter you can send to your MP